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You're Tekkin' The P*ss (Phantasy Star Online)


11th Oct 2011, 5:26 PM

Phantasy Star Online is consistently my most-played videogame ever.

It's not difficult to see why... the ultra-grind and search for rare items is as addictive as videogaming comes, despite being mind-numbingly repetitive. But to a PSO player, playing with a bunch of buddies either online or, in the case of the Gamecube re-release, locally, the sight of that red "rare" box is one that changes the atmosphere from lighthearted monster killage to PURE SELFISH DESIRE. Like the One Ring, all sense of companionship is thrown out of the window as you clamber for that item, and nobody will get in your way!

Once you have it, however, you'll need to "tek" it. This is effectively getting an NPC called a "Tekker" to identify the item's worth. Sometimes though, I get the feeling they purposely undervalue things...

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11th Oct 2011, 5:40 PM

You gotta haggle!

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