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Insufficient Nougat (Deus Ex Human Revolution)


1st Sep 2011, 4:59 PM

In a positively CRUEL move, Eidos have made Deus Ex: Human Revolution what I like to call "Oblivion-addictive." The kind of addictive where you intend to play for half an hour and end up playing for about three straight days, and when you put the controller down all you can think about is picking up said controller again.

The ability to augment your body with all manner of awesome abilities, such as a forcefield generated to slow your descent when falling to reduce damage, or an impulse to smash down walls, make for some interesting approaches to each unique mission; but everything requires energy. Using stealth camouflage, seeing through walls, you name it- it all expends battery energy.

But one oddity is that it even expends an entire battery just to PUNCH someone. Being violent has never been so expensive.

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