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Ipkiss Termina Goodbye (Majora's Mask)


26th Aug 2011, 6:48 PM

Majora's Mask is my favourite Zelda game. Yes, I like it better than Link to the Past. More than Link's Awakening. More than Ocarina of Time.

The level of depth and intricacy and brilliance of the three-day system, the sheer variety and richness of content in the masks available, and the darker, more foreboding tone of inevitability haunt the entire game; this is not a "forced" fear-factor. The game genuinely leaves you feeling helpless as you live the same three days over and over, a deadly Groundhog Day, trying to find the solution of how to save Clock Town from a falling moon.

If only Link could've found THAT mask. Then he'd have saved Clock Town AND got to do the Bolero of Fire with Cameron Diaz, if ya know what I mean.


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