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Not All Blocks Are Created Equal (Tetris)


8th Aug 2011, 4:22 PM

In Tetris, it's safe to say that you respond differently depending on which block appears on-screen. Seeing the thin "stick" block will evoke feelings of relief and elation... that bad boy will plug up any hole, big or small. The 2x2 block is something a little more middling; a good "workhorse" block which can be used to cover chunky gaps.

Then, there is the Z-block. Yes, THAT one. Appearing when is absolutely the most inconvenient, the Z-block will always - and I mean ALWAYS - result in sticky-outage regardless of where it is placed. It is the nuisance of blocks. And as such, the only feeling it evokes in me is this.


That is both the vocalisation and the literal term used to describe this emotion.

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8th Aug 2011, 11:05 PM

They should make a level where all you get are Z blocks!

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