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Left 4 Slight Discomfort (Left 4 Dead)


2nd Aug 2011, 6:21 PM

In concept, Left 4 Dead is the perfect co-op experience. With the ability to heal each other, co-operation is convenient and allows for some thoughtful and considerate gamers to help out their comrades. But without each other, some of the special, more powerful creatures you'll face like the pin-you-down-and-gut-ye Hunter and the noose-you-up-and-strangle-ye Smoker cannot actually be beaten. They REQUIRE teamwork to repel and defeat.

And yet... some online players simply cannot grasp this concept. Hoarding supplies and running headfirst into danger like some kind of 80s action movie hero, they completely forget how to coordinate and cooperate with their fellow players, often resulting in their demise.

And SOMETIMES, they will get themselves into trouble which the considerate players will bail them out of, only to simply not bother returning the favour when the tables are turned, saving themselves.

Yeah. Leaving everyone behind to die, you with a backpack full of bombs and health kits nailing a board over the safe room door...that's "L33t skillz", for sure.

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