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Low-Poly Armour is Strongest (EDF 2017)


23rd Aug 2010, 9:47 AM

Oh, man.

Oh, boy.

Oh, I love EDF 2017. If you were to judge it based on screenshots, it's dire. If you were to judge it based on someone's description of it to you, you'd think it was ludicrous.

But to actually PLAY the game, you'll understand why it has such a cult following.

Basically, I'll not be sneering next time someone recommends a game with the phrase "I just jumped into a Power Loader to fight off some giant acid-spitting ants before fighting off spaceships in my Speederbike. After that I used my Air Tortoise to defeat Godzilla-with-lasers-on-his-arms, then decided to take on the Death Star on foot, with a rifle."

Actually, wait... that does sound pretty awesome.

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23rd Aug 2010, 10:23 AM

Those things look like they would be good for bashing the enemies and throwing like frisbees...

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