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Costume Sexpest (Costume Quest)


25th Jul 2011, 5:25 PM

Costume Quest is an awesome little Double Fine game featuring a gang of trick-or-treaters faced with the challenge of rescuing a kidnapped sister from some REAL monsters intent on draining the world of Halloween sweets. To do this, they retrieve various costumes which, when engaging in battle, transform them into the real-life versions of whatever they're clothed as!

So that cardboard robot costume changes the kids into an awesome Gundam-like megabot with missiles and a cool rocket punch; a little papier mache crown and a toilet roll tube cone changes them into a kickass, fire-spewing Statue of Liberty, and a promotional french fry costume changes them into... er... a big French Fry...Crab. Thing. Yeah, I didn't quite understand that one either.

But anyway, when you knock on the doors of the NPCs of the game, you'll either be greeted with civilians who will fill your little bucket with lots of candy... or a monster who will initiate a fight!

But... I mean, there are WORSE things that could answer the door, right?

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