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Pure FML (The Broons)


17th Jul 2011, 8:02 PM

Now, to some of my international readers, The Broons may be something you're not accustomed to. Here in Scotland, it's one of the more popular comic strips which has been printed since... well, time began, in a newspaper named the Sunday Post.

It follows the exploits of an oversized Scottish family of misfits, including Granpaw, the elderly grandfather who is the biggest kid of them all, Horace, who is the family academic and a total genius; Hen, a seven-plus foot tall beanpole of a man, and Maggie, a supermodel-esque object of every man's desire - and that's just to name a few.

But one of the characters in the Broons who you just wouldn't trade lives with is Paw Broon. The head of the household in name only, he's constantly being asked for money, nagged, and mistreated by everyone else, and he usually ends up being the one in some kind of truly unfortunate punchline every week.

Sometimes he just wants simple pleasures like getting a tin of corned beef for his sandwiches and he endures hell the entire comic strip, only to have his delinquent sons rob him of it and eat it in front of him whilst he's locked out, in the rain, perhaps in his pyjamas or something. His life truly does suck.

And it's the Broons that has inspired me to mark out my own family plans.


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17th Jul 2011, 10:01 PM

It's weird how radiation made him lose his hair but not his mustache. It must be radiation resistant! I haven't seen this strip, and I thought it was about Southern rednecks in the US. I guess the Scots and rednecks are similar.

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