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Because it's True (Transformers)


15th Jul 2011, 8:01 PM


I'm 26 but Transformers will always turn me into a 10 year old. Even now, when they've been big-screen-Michael-Bay-explosion'n'bling'd up to the max, I still can't help but love it.

I love Soundwave's voice and the oxymoron-laden super-futuristic cassette chest he so proudly displays. I love the camp creepiness of Starscream. I love how Hot Rod's "evolution" changes him from a sports car into a camper van.

But one thing I never got is... fair enough, the Autobots are the good guys, so they stand for everything peaceful and right. But if they're going to be fighting Decepticons, who can turn into nukes and giant bastard scorpion things, could they not, like... transform into something a bit more combat-friendly... just temporarily?

Instead we've got evil Harrier jumpjets fighting pickup trucks and Panzers fighting ghetto blasters.

Well, I suppose they were doing SOMETHING right... they always seemed to win.

Well, utilising this logic, I'm off to fight the Al-Kaeda with my hedge strimmer.

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15th Jul 2011, 10:34 PM

Finally, robots that transform into useful things!

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