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Cracking Down on Blood Glucose Levels (Crackdown 2)


23rd Aug 2010, 9:24 AM

I've expressed before how much I love messing about in games.

Crackdown 2, like the predecessor, is a game that URGES the player to mess around. With such a bare skeleton of a story mode, it's almost GOADING you into finding new ways to muck about.

From collecting the trillions of "We put the Crack in Crackdown" orbs to simply throwing rubbish skips at old ladies, Crackdown is a real playground.

And if it's a playground, then the Renegade Orbs are the metaphorical climbing frame; in that they're often just more trouble than they're worth.

I think that last statement just proves how lazy I am, and it's a wonder that, unlike our Crackdown agent here, I don't have Diabetes.

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Ambient Nerd
23rd Aug 2010, 9:45 AM

I wasn't expecting it, but this is wildly entertaining, and the art is astounding. Please do one in the future for Team Fortress 2, if you've played it.

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