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Breathing Exercises, Light Pilates and Teleportation (Street Fighter)


7th Jan 2011, 4:08 PM

I love Street Fighter.

Very few gaming series can evoke such a strong hardcore following or argumentative stances about the intricate details of the game itself, despite the details themselves being wonderfully mental.

Sure, the concept is "Dude fights Other Dude/Wifie", but "Dude" is actually a huge green electric Yeti, and "Other Dude" is a narcissistic Spanish matador ninja. And yet, people still bemoan when characters such as Hakan, a huge, slippery Turkish oil wrestler, or El Fuerte, a lucha libre chef, get added to the roster - stating them as "joke characters". You mean, they're less serious than a fire-breathing, limb-stretching Indian yoga practitioner that teleports?

PS - If real yoga was as cool as Dhalsim's yoga, you bet your arse I'd be Sun Salutationin' and Locust-Posin' like a middle-aged woman on a Saturday afternoon...

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7th Jan 2011, 4:49 PM


Teleportation and limb stretching would make it all worth it... Not sure if I could find much use for breathing fire though....

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