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Now you're cleaning with POWER! (Power Stone)


5th Dec 2010, 1:00 PM

Everyone loves Power Stone. Fact.

It's just incredibly difficult to not smirk when you're running around a square in London with a flamethrower, pummelling a mummy as a huge red Indian, then watching as the nearby pilot (engaged in an umbrella battle with a ninja) grabs three power gems and turns into a Power Ranger. Priceless.

It's probably yet another reason why the Dreamcast continues to be the "Wait, WHY did this not shatter the Earth?!" console, and is merely one in the plethora of titles on the machine that've been ported elsewhere in order to give nostalgiagasms the world over.

Power Stone's all about fighting, but it's also about the Power Stones themselves - collect all three and you'll become your ultimate form, perfect for making other people hurt. But one thing I'm guilty of is grabbing the final gem without timing it properly, rendering my short time as the ultimate fighter utterly pointless.

Got me to thinking that wasting the power of the gems must be a common occurrence in the world of Power Stone...

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view's profile
5th Dec 2010, 2:48 PM

I need her to clean my place. Awesome!

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