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My Other Ninjitsu is an Uzi (Ninja Gaiden 2)


27th Nov 2010, 1:45 PM

Ninja Gaiden is ROCK HARD. Ninja Gaiden 2, equally so, but for different reasons.

Whereas the original pits you against enemy ninjas and various demonic creatures as the predominant enemies, the sequel seems to have a sadistic pleasure in pitting you against ninjas... with guns.

Now, it doesn't matter who, where and when you see the ninjas - EVERYONE in this game has a gun. It seems like the Spider Clan has been instructed to forego actually TRAINING in favour of the far simpler "Get a firearm of any sort, hide off-screen, then shoot ad infinitum" school of thought.

And in all fairness, it's probably a far more logical choice. But it's hardly ninja-like, is it?

...well, that said, REAL ninjas were just hired hands who strangled or poisoned people in their sleep. So I guess NOTHING in Ninja Gaiden is very "ninja"-like.

Still, it'd be a far less entertaining game if I wasn't using fire magic against a huge metal man-faced electric fish monster, so I'll leave Ninja Gaiden as it is, guns and all.

Remember kids - next time you see a policeman, soldier or drunken hillbilly with a firearm, they're not just part of their respective professions - they're freaking NINJAS.

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