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Dis-Kinect-Tête (Kinect)


18th Nov 2010, 11:33 AM

And so we see the introduction of the Xbox 360's motion gaming device - the "Kinect".

Effectively a set of cameras and infra-red sensors that gauge your skeleton within a 3D space, Kinect allows the player to play games without the use of a controller, hence the tagline, "you ARE the controller!"

Receiving the sensor as an early Christmas gift from my family, I have to say, it's a truly interesting and exciting piece of kit. The initially jarring and eerie sense of "holy crap, the dude in the telly is doing exactly what I'm doing, right down to the subtleties of my pelvic thrusts!" soon turns to a feeling of liberating fun as you leap around like a tool. Kinect even seems to enjoy showing you how much of an eejit you look whilst playing, periodically taking pictures of you looking like you're being attacked by an off-screen Magneto.

Nevertheless, it's superb fun... for those without inhibitions.

That said, the backlash against the device has been unfathomably fierce by a certain group - the ones that name themselves "The Hardcore." This elitist group of gamer, grounded in the knowledge that gaming should always remain something of a subterranean "It's mine, not yours" hobby, say it's a device only for the "casuals". Calling the Kinect players "ridiculous" and "shallow" (perhaps doing so from their Elite gaming chair, spoken through an Elite gamer headset), the "Hardcore" refuse to even give this technology a chance, playing only the latest super-hardcore shooting game for twelve hours a day.

Well, what do I say? I say Call of Duty and Kinect Adventures can live in perfect harmony; there's nothing like a mad, body-controlled rafting session after a frag-fest.

And if that doesn't tempt you, then consider this - with Kinect, you can have the severed head of Johnny Five on top of your telly.

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18th Nov 2010, 1:48 PM

That's really cool! So, if two people have sex in this Kinect thing, will the game characters have sex too?

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