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I Never DID Escape that Car Park (Driver)


15th Nov 2010, 11:40 AM

Being part of the awesomely talented (and infinitely charming) Ubisoft Reflections "Driver San Francisco" team, it seemed almost criminal not to sketch up a comic about Driver.

The Driver series (mostly) follows the exploits of John Tanner, a cop with a damned cool car and the inexplicable ability to end every investigation with an awesome 70s-styled vehicle chase in said car. It's also infamous for the most notoriously difficult training mission ever conceived; a strict driving initiation in a Car Park.

But, it's for a reason, as obviously one needs to hone such elite car-chasing skills, which as we all know, can resolve almost any issue.*

This time around, however, things are different; you've probably read on Kotaku and the like about John's latest outing and how he's able to "Shift" into whatever car/driver/life he wants in the city, and be involved in whatever vehicular endeavours they might be in. Obviously this leads to all manner of exciting, diverse and positively kooky adventures.

If I can ever get him out of that buggering Car Park.

*Car Chases are not recommended as a resolution or cure to Gastro-Enteritis, resolving infidelity-based relationship issues, or taking down a villainous convict**.

**Actually, it does help with the last one.

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