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It's Wrong, Zach. (Deadly Premonition)


5th Nov 2010, 2:31 PM

Finally, the UK and PAL regions get themselves the quirky madness that is Deadly Premonition!

Often compared to Twin Peaks, this is a game that leaves tongue very much in cheek and disturbs in equal parts because of scary bits and sheer weirdness. Someone said to me "it looks like a Dreamcast game", which to me is quite a compliment; and to be honest, in more ways than one is this game like a Dreamcast game, with no small part attributed to the fact it's absolutely flippin' bonkers.

Agent York is after the Raincoat Killer. Seems like a standard enough story, right? Well, throw in multiple personalities, crazy characters that make Silent Hill peeps seem like potential life partners and some obsessive-compulsive coffee escapades, and we're only scraping the surface of what makes Deadly Premonition more than a horror game.

Well, that's in my opinion.

And mine.

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5th Nov 2010, 5:54 PM

Glad you you guys can finally play it. It's equal parts weird and wonderful.

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