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The Ghost of Fisher Past (Splinter Cell Conviction)


22nd Oct 2010, 10:40 AM

Splinter Cell Conviction is, by all accounts, "Splinter Cell" by name alone. Sure, there's some stealth involved, but you're basically Jason Bourne this time around.

It's kind of ironic that as an intimidating, faceless super-assassin, you're far more vulnerable than just being a gruff ageing man as you are in this instalment of the series, but hey, it seems as though in videogames, you just get stronger and more invincible with age anyway.

One of the new mechanics in this episode in the stealthy action series is the "last known location" system, where if you're spotted, you can run and hide and they'll simply attack where they saw you last. Sounds like it'd make sense, but if you think about it, it's fairly stupid.

I mean, when is it more beneficial to you to, when spotted by a battalion of AK-47 toting guards, to stand where you are, completely motionless as opposed to either attacking or fleeing?

I'll tell you when. When they're T-Rex guards with AK-47s.

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