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Only I Have the K/D Ratio to Rule the Lylat System (Star Fox)


19th Oct 2010, 1:57 PM

StarFox is an anomaly in my eyes. I can accept a blue hedgehog that runs beyond the speed of sound and a bandicoot that can turn into a tornado, but for some reason, my double standards won't allow me to accept a fox that commands a four-animal interstellar team of starship pilots.

Maybe it's because Fox is SO humanised. He stands upright and wears human clothing, he uses human weapons and interacts as a human does. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact he was indeed a fox, he would have no defining features as a fox.

It just makes me sit and think, imagine Star Fox if Fox McCloud himself was just a regular fox, and his team - Peppy the Hare, Slippy the Toad and Falco the Falcon - were all regular animals.

Fox would eat his team mates, and inevitably crash his Arwing fighter starship in the countryside, root through villagers' bins for old bits of hot dog before being violently slaughtered by an upper-class Toff on horseback commanding a battalion of bloodhounds.

Actually, real life is just as bizarre as the Starfox fantasy.

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19th Oct 2010, 2:41 PM


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