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Breakfast Combo...Card (Dead Rising 2)


28th Sep 2010, 5:48 AM

I've been playing Dead Rising 2 since it came out last week, and it's definitely the same Dead Rising formula I adore. One thing that HAS changed, however, is the way I approach the challenges I face. Whereas before I'd just say, "Let's grab some orange juice and a katana" in the original Dead Rising, now, with the introduction of Combo Weapons, I instead say... "Do I need set of boxing gloves with knives attached or doused in oil, and set on fire?" before setting off. Sadly, there is no option for flaming knife gloves.

This morning, after a long session of Dead Rising 2 play last night, I woke up and started seeing objects in a different way. I was thinking of how I could combo regular items together. Microwave? Vacuum Cleaner? Length of Cable? They all have the potential to be part of a deadly combo weapon.

Yorkshire Terrier + Cocaine + Dynamite?

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