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Follies of a Single Parent (Bioshock 2)


22nd Sep 2010, 10:42 AM

I wasn't so sure about the shift in protagonist in Bioshock 2.

In Bioshock, you were a dude. Just a guy. Therefore, coming up against the beasts, weirdos and behemoths of Rapture, the corrupt undersea civilisation felt like a terrifying struggle. Hastily grabbing a wrench, you fended off the first attacker and slowly but surely built up an arsenal to help you take down even the most powerful of foes... including the "Big Daddies" - Diver-suited giants with drills for hands and guns that shoot rivets.

So when in Bioshock 2, you ARE a Big Daddy, it took away a lot of the fear factor. But in doing so, it replaced that sense with an element of fathering - you are no longer number one in your own eyes; your objective is to look after your own "Little Sister" (Why not "little daughter"? Why, to confuse you.) and protect her from those beasts that once frightened you in the original game.

Of course, fatherhood has ups and downs. Not least when you're able to shoot tornadoes from your hand and fire electric harpoons; elements frowned upon by the other parents when collecting your kid from Nursery School...

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Ponchos Sweater
24th Sep 2010, 3:32 AM

I laughed out loud, very hard, at this.

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