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Living like a Prince (Beautiful Katamari)


12th Sep 2010, 9:34 AM

I hate you, rogue sock that ALWAYS seems to fall from the pile of washing when I'm carrying it out of the washing machine. It spawns a dilemma. Do I bend down to try to pick it up and potentially drop more? Do I continue on, leaving it behind and making a whole other trip for one sock alone?!

It got me to thinking, how awesome it'd be to be able to just Katamari it up out of the machine and roll it outside to peg up.

But Katamari powers aren't all silver lining. Y'see, Beautiful Katamari follows the story of the Prince of all the Cosmos, whose father has absurdly high expectations of his son. Whereas in most games, you're tasked with saving the world or similar, the King of All the Cosmos wants you to RECREATE THE UNIVERSE. How to do this? Rolling up arbitrary items into a giant ball, of course.

Of course, this'd put huge pressure on the Prince, and if it wasn't for the fact he HAS these powers, I'd reckon the Prince of All Cosmos may be a prime candidate for "Crappiest Life Ever."

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