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Rated M for Mental (Viva Pinata)


10th Sep 2010, 9:02 AM

Whether or not you like Viva Pinata, you have to respect it. It's part Harvest Moon, part Pokemon, part... disturbing nightmare. It's genuinely unlike any other game you're likely to play in your life.

And yet, it holds this weird stigma of being a child's game. Now, anyone who has actually had the pleasure of PLAYING Viva Pinata will tell you that, in a stunning irony, a game designed around the genteel art of gardening and tending to woodland creatures, this experience is definitely amongst the most stressful and disturbing games out there.

Whether or not you're preening your prized Pinata to perfection only to have it eaten by a common predator, or your garden getting ruined by the infuriating "Ruffians", who also give your loved creatures diseases which eventually cause the Grim Reaper (in this game, named "Dastardos") to come and finish the job, this game is harsh, cruel, and pad-breakingly frustrating at times.

But that said, in no other game can you lure a rabbit, trap it, force it to procreate eight times, then kill it with a serrated spade. Which, I will admit, is top on my list of priorities when looking for games nowadays.

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10th Sep 2010, 9:27 AM

I think there was also an animated TV series based on that game... Less violent...

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Butt Hunter
10th Sep 2010, 9:30 AM

The sheer amount of stuff to do, coupled with the level of graphic violence and sexual dancing, makes Viva PiƱata the least child appropriate child's game ever.

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