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Unwelcome Guest (Fallout 3)


7th Sep 2010, 4:24 AM

I love games like Fallout 3, because you genuinely get to sculpt the abilities, personality and style of your character. You can be as evil or as good as you want, focus on being an amazing explorer, or just maximise your skills in making people explode into a shower of guts.

One thing in Fallout I enjoy is the perk system. When you reach your final level, you get to choose one special perk; and one alone. What will it be? It'll change your endgame quite dramatically.

Probably none more so than the elusive Mysterious Stranger perk, which inexplicably causes a bloke in a trenchcoat to appear and help you out with devastating force, randomly, whilst you attack.

Why is he here? Why does he help you? How does he find you, no matter where you are?

Truth is, he's watching you ALL the time. He's watching you right now. No, not your player character... YOU. Quick, look!


Too slow. He'll be close by though.

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