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Pretty Neckless (Rayman)


24th Dec 2011, 9:16 PM

Rayman is an anomaly.

That's stating the obvious, of course, because superficially speaking, he is a bean with a head and ethereal, floating hands and feet.

Beyond this, of course, he is the frontman for his own set of games which never really reached the critical acclaim as Mario or Sonic, yet whenever you mention his name you're met with overflowing responses of nostalgic happiness and simultaneous fury.

"I HATED THAT MUSIC LEVEL!", they'll say.
But they'll still be smiling thinking about the limbless wonder.

Still, sales, critical success and all deeper aspects of Rayman as a series are disregarded when it comes to anomalies for me.

I still can't get over the weird floating head thing. WHAT ABOUT BLOOD FLOW? HOW IS YOUR BODY TETHERED TO YOUR HEAD? If I guillotined you, would anything happen?!

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