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Tea on the Table of Elements? (Spyro: Skylanders)


24th Nov 2011, 8:40 PM

I find it both novel and intriguing, if not personally to my tastes, the technology used in Spyro: Skylanders.

The little podium detects when the purchased-separately figures are placed upon it and enters them into the game. This in itself is pretty novel, but what is the really neat part is that, when the game is over, the experience points gained are retained in the figure itself, meaning true cross/platform, reality-to-digital levelling up, as well as being something to spend all your pennies on.

Of course, as a 27 year old fully grown guy, it might be difficult to justify spending £100 + on a full set.

Of course, this argument would hold even greater significance if I hadn't just bought a MegaBlocks Brute Chopper to sit alongside my Transformers.

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