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Who Has A Knife, I Need To Cut The Cake (Silent Hill 2)


3rd Nov 2011, 7:35 PM

James Sunderland has a few problems. For one, his wife has sent him a letter to meet him in Silent Hill, a demonic town full of hellish nightmares. Also, James' wife is dead. Did I mention that?

As he arrives he's pursued by the foreboding presence that is Pyramid Head, the physical manifestation of his pain and guilt.

Why is it a Pyramid Head, though? Sure, you could look into the fact the Pyramid is like a huge arrowhead, and like an arrow it has a single destination, a single track and trajectory, to pursue it's target. It could be that it is mildly like a dangerous phallus, with sexual connotations being prevalent in Silent Hill's imagery and mirroring James' voracious sexual frustration.

Or it could just be that Pyramids seemed like a cool architectural landmark.

Probably much better than L'Arc de Triomphe Head, anyway.

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